Monday, December 17, 2012

Techniques for preventing pollution when constructing roads, bridges and highways

If there is no planning when constructing roads and highways, it may lead to severe pollution. Agri Gold understands that everyone should be responsible towards society and environment at the time of constructions. There are certain techniques that must be followed:

  • The soil, drainage patterns, topography and climate of the construction site should be analyzed before starting construction works. There should be plans to preserve the natural vegetation of the site and steps must be taken to reduce grading and clearing considerably. For construction, the areas that are prone to erosion should be avoided
  • It is better not to construct roads, highways and bridges near wetlands and surface water areas. Riparian zones should not be impacted adversely
  • Roads should be constructed only in sites where it is most suitable in terms of environmental as well as economical considerations

It must be the effort of all constructors to think about environment, sedimentation and erosion control when planning constructions.


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