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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be careful when buying a new property - Agrigold guides you

It is still the norm to consider investing in property as a financial security, and here’s where the real estate sector thrives. Agrigold understands the concerns of the buyer with years of experience and research, and strives towards providing buyers just what they want at the best possible prices.

Buyers must be sure that they understand exactly what they are supposed to be getting. It is not a good idea to depend on brochures and go by verbal promises. Before signing any document, the buyer should be clear about the rules of the association and find out if there are any restrictions on pets, or any other issues.

It is also important for buyers to find out that if the construction is delayed for any reason, will they get a place to live in till the time the construction is complete. It is the right of the buyers to check on the quality of the windows, doors, tiles, floors, ventilation, and other stuff.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Agrigold Understands the Importance of First Aid at a Construction Site

A construction company should pay attention to not only meeting construction deadlines, but also the safety of workers/labours at the site. Agrigold provides importance to the safety of its employees working in the site and has trained individuals to administer first aid in times of emergency.

If any mishap happens on the site even after taking the required precautions, there should be first aid for the injured workers and visitors to the site, so that treatment can be offered to the injured until some professional help/ambulance arrives.

It is essential to refresh the first aid training provided to the workers regularly every 2-3 years to ensure that the training is not forgotten. It is also important to have more than one first aid box at the construction site depending on the number of workers working; the boxes should always be filled with the required content.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Latest projects undertaken by Agrigold

Agri Gold India is continuously adding feathers to its cap with several new projects coming up. The latest project that Agrigold Properties has handled includes residential layouts, residential townships, apartment flats and row houses. It has been associated with some of the biggest constructions that took place in Andhra Pradesh and other places recently.

The Group makes a good plan beforehand to ensure that the least amount of time is spent in constructions and the project deadlines are met. It is also the specialty of the Group to indulge in environment-friendly ways for construction and curb pollution as much as possible. The Group believes that it has a commitment towards the planet and that must be met at any cost.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cost Control in Construction

For construction management and scheduling, constructors require coming up with plans for cost cutting. AgriGold believes that standards must be maintained before starting the actual construction, so that the total cost is within acceptable limits. Estimates of the cost and time required are to be prepared and supervision is required to ensure that the costs do not exceed the estimates by a huge amount, and neither does it take too much extra time to complete a construction.

The construction managers must understand that construction costs are directly related to use of material and wastage, prices of materials used, and fixed as well as variable overhead expenses. Therefore, these are the areas where the managers must seek action for making future adjustments, so that the final costs are closer to the original estimates or are considerably as close as possible to the estimated costs.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Construction and Environmental Awareness

Every construction project that AgriGold India undertakes is dominated by the environmental cause. The Group always analyzes the environmental impacts of having a construction at a particular place before starting any work. This procedure enables the constructors improve environmental management in the construction processes. 

The environmental aspects considered when beginning a construction at a site includes emissions into the air, water spills, soil pollution, waste generation, impacts associated with transportation, resource consumption, effects on biodiversity, local impacts, and emergency situations. There are several important factors that any construction house should consider before starting a project at any particular site. Several studies and research has to be done before a brick can be laid for the construction. 

All upcoming construction projects of AgriGold show a consideration for the environment and pollution, as the company believes that it has a responsibility towards the planet and its people. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Techniques for preventing pollution when constructing roads, bridges and highways

If there is no planning when constructing roads and highways, it may lead to severe pollution. Agri Gold understands that everyone should be responsible towards society and environment at the time of constructions. There are certain techniques that must be followed:

  • The soil, drainage patterns, topography and climate of the construction site should be analyzed before starting construction works. There should be plans to preserve the natural vegetation of the site and steps must be taken to reduce grading and clearing considerably. For construction, the areas that are prone to erosion should be avoided
  • It is better not to construct roads, highways and bridges near wetlands and surface water areas. Riparian zones should not be impacted adversely
  • Roads should be constructed only in sites where it is most suitable in terms of environmental as well as economical considerations

It must be the effort of all constructors to think about environment, sedimentation and erosion control when planning constructions.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Safety Measures Incorporated for Road Construction

Agri Gold India understands the need for adopting safety measures for construction of roads. Safety procedures should be enforced and the work should be monitored to ensure that there are no loopholes in the safety measures.

All workers should be wearing protective gear like hard hats, steel capped boots, and reflective vests; this must also be made mandatory for all visitors to the construction site. There should also be protective earwear if required, and all gear should be checked properly.

The evacuation procedures should be clear and well planned so that in times of emergencies all workers can be evacuated to safety as fast as possible.

The construction sites should be frequently checked to ensure that there are no threats of any major hazards. In case of any chemical spills, the site has to be cleaned before it can be opened again.

A record needs to be maintained that will keep a track of all visitors, staff and workers who enter the construction site and leave it.