Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Housing Constructions – Configurations, geological conditions and adverse factors

AgriGold India is aware that proper planning is required for any construction project to be strong and durable, as well as successfully completed within the stipulated deadline. There are several considerations when planning a housing construction. Let’s take a look at these considerations.

  • Configurations for building: There should be regularity and symmetry in the shape of the building; to derive this kind of regularity and symmetry, a building can be divided into several blocks. The strength of any building depends a lot on the shape; a rectangular building is much stronger than an L-shaped building. 
  • Geological conditions: It is important to study the geological conditions of the construction site before starting a housing construction. These conditions have an effect on the foundation as well as on the strength and durability of the construction. 
  • Adverse factors: The site for construction should be free from adverse factors such as immediate adjacent rivers causing heavy floods, land depression site, land subject to settlement/subsidence, and smoke odours owing to proximity to industrial zones.


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