Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Safety Measures Incorporated for Road Construction

Agri Gold India understands the need for adopting safety measures for construction of roads. Safety procedures should be enforced and the work should be monitored to ensure that there are no loopholes in the safety measures.

All workers should be wearing protective gear like hard hats, steel capped boots, and reflective vests; this must also be made mandatory for all visitors to the construction site. There should also be protective earwear if required, and all gear should be checked properly.

The evacuation procedures should be clear and well planned so that in times of emergencies all workers can be evacuated to safety as fast as possible.

The construction sites should be frequently checked to ensure that there are no threats of any major hazards. In case of any chemical spills, the site has to be cleaned before it can be opened again.

A record needs to be maintained that will keep a track of all visitors, staff and workers who enter the construction site and leave it.


  1. Wow thats very nice information. Keep posting new venture details of Agrigold... we will be interested.

  2. We are glad to know your interest Saipratap. We will be coming up with more information...keep watching this space for more