Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Be careful when buying a new property - Agrigold guides you

It is still the norm to consider investing in property as a financial security, and here’s where the real estate sector thrives. Agrigold understands the concerns of the buyer with years of experience and research, and strives towards providing buyers just what they want at the best possible prices.

Buyers must be sure that they understand exactly what they are supposed to be getting. It is not a good idea to depend on brochures and go by verbal promises. Before signing any document, the buyer should be clear about the rules of the association and find out if there are any restrictions on pets, or any other issues.

It is also important for buyers to find out that if the construction is delayed for any reason, will they get a place to live in till the time the construction is complete. It is the right of the buyers to check on the quality of the windows, doors, tiles, floors, ventilation, and other stuff.


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