Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Urbanization at Reasonable Costs is the Mantra for AgriGold Infra

Since a long time, AgriGold Group has been undertaking construction works for several projects and delivering within the stipulated deadlines. The group possesses lands of different areas in around 50 prime locations of the country. The low cost housing technologies has helped urbanization spread its arms in India with people from the lower and medium income groups having their faith and trust on AgriGold Group.

AgriGold India has been responsible for and is still handling several road projects, bridge constructions, earth fillings and housing constructions. The Group helps the common man realize their dreams through the promotion of well planned residential layouts, farm house lands and agricultural farm lands. People who do not have sizeable earnings are sure to find the AgriGold housing constructions valuable and the best bet for the price they pay. 


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